Hello! My name is Danielle Anthony. I am a mother of two beautiful boys! I am the wife of a United States Marine. When i was pregnant with my first son, i made the decision to research and find someone that would be there for me. At the time I was under the impression that my husband would not be there for the birth of our son, because he was to deploy a few months before. I knew what i wanted for my birth plan, I wanted a completely natural birth. I wanted to labor at home,then go to the hospital once in active labor. I needed to find someone who believed I could do it and learn how to cope with pain without any medication. I spoke with my family and friends about my birth plan. Most of them thought i was crazy, that I wouldn't be able to accomplish such a feat and I would end up with an epidural. This is when i decided to find a doula. I had heard that doulas were supportive of any birth the woman wants, and felt she could help me. Gosh she helped, my birth ended up being exactly how I envisioned it. I'm not sure what I would have done without my doula, or what would've become of my birth plan. In any case, she was so amazing she inspired me to become a doula myself.


Now, I am here to care for and support all laboring women, with compassion and a nurturing touch. It is the pregnant woman's decision how she wants her labor and birth to happen. Medicine, or not, I will be here for continuous support no matter her decisions.