Reviews from Families

I really can't express how thankful I am to have had Danielle as our doula and now friend. I ended up having the smooth, gentle, and natural birth I had been hoping for and it's because of Danielle. During pregnancy she pointed us to amazing resources to prepare, that I would never trade for the world. Then during the labor and delivery she was the most amazing support I could imagine. When I first got to the hospital I already saw how easy it would be to forget about what I really wanted and just get hooked up to medicine but as soon as she got there she had so many things that helped ease the pains. She helped my husband and I physically, emotionally, and mentally in ways we couldn't have done on our own. Plus she is extremely knowledgeable about breastfeeding so she helps with that in a big way too. I think everyone, no matter what type of birth you plan on should get a doula, they are irreplaceable and so important and obviously I highly recommend Danielle! Thank you sweet lady for all you have done for us!


-Hannah J. Howard

When we decided to try for our second child I knew this time around I wanted, no I needed, to hire a doula. I desperately wanted a vbac and I knew having a good doula would increase my likelihood of success. Once I found out the incredible news that I was pregnant with our second child I went to a Facebook group asking for doula recommendations and received a message in my inbox from Danielle Anthony. We agreed to meet at Barnes and Noble cafe to discuss what I wanted for my birth. We hit it off immediately and I explained the trauma that came with my first child and my hopes for a vbac. She explained that she wasn't certified yet but that she was in the process and had to attended a certain amount of births to get her certification. I was hesitant at first to hire someone who had yet to be certified but we hit it off so quick and I figured I would rather of someone I am comfortable with than all the certifications in the world so I took the plunge and hired her! She was an amazing doula. My husband and I leaned so much from her. She taught us laboring positions, massage and relaxation techniques, meditation, and help answer all my questions as far a labor and birth goes. But I think the most beneficial service she offered was emotional support. I remember texting her or calling her on a few occasions when pregnancy or just life got to be too stressful. She kept me strong willed to try for my vbac. There were many times I considered saying "screw it" and scheduling a c section but she just sat me down and told me the truth "that I wouldn't be happy with that long term ESP if I never gave myself the chance". She was never judgmental on my ideas for birth.


When I finally went into labor I texted her periodically about my contractions (timing, frequency, etc) and she helped me through them, offering to come over if I wanted her to. After about 16 hrs at home they became too much to bear so I asked her to meet us at the hospital. When we arrived at the hospital I was dilated 5cm so they admitted me. We labored for a while unmedicated but after about 22hrs I became exhausted. I started fighting my contractions instead of breathing through them so I contemplated going against my birth plan and getting the epidural. Danielle, my husband, and I discussed the pros and cons to the epidural and decided to go for it. Once I got the epidural and fell asleep my contractions sped up and I started to dilate quicker. Danielle told me that it may have one of the best decisions I made for myself. Once it came time to push Danielle helped the nurses coach me through the breathing and after about an hour or so my beautiful daughter was finally born. Danielle even had my phone and took some amazing photos for me and stayed after with me for about an hour. My husband said to me after she left that hiring her was the best investment we could've made this pregnancy and I agree. I'm not sure I could've had a successful vbac without her support and knowledge. Danielle wasn't just a doula I hired, she became a good friend who helped me have one of the most amazing experiences of my life. An experience I desperately needed to recover from the trauma of my first birth.


Christian D.

Danielle was great! She helped me achieve my goal of having a natural childbirth! She was a knowledgeable encourager from start to finish!


Melissa H.

Danielle is an amazing doula and I highly recommend her. She helped me through my labor by meeting me with before hand and finding out what I like and what I thought I would need during my labor. The day of my induction she was there through everything cheering me on and helping ease my pain using many all different techniques. There is no way I could of done the all natural birth without her there!! If anyone is looking for someone down to earth that works to meet all your need then she is the one for you!! Thank you again Danielle Anthony!


Deanna S.

I had Danielle as my doula for my birth, and it was a great experience. She was supportive of my choices during the pregnancy and was a wonderful support during the birth of my baby, and even afterward with breastfeeding. She had a lot of techniques to help me cope and relax during the process and she worked with my husband to show him how he could best help me. We are glad we had Danielle there and would definitely hire her again for any future births!



Danielle was such a blessing to have by our side during my birth. She was a huge help in preparing in the weeks leading up as well. My husband and I didn't know how helpful it would be to have her there, but we soon found out.


I knew I wanted to have an epidural, yet still, have plenty of techniques to relieve pain before receiving the medicine, and even after receiving it I knew I'd need coaching. She helped me understand some of the ways I could speak up for myself in my birth plan, yet helped me remain flexible in my plans. The day of the birth did not go according to plan. She remained calm throughout the entire process. My "team" that day was compromised of Danielle, my mom, and my husband, and the hospital staff. Having someone there who was not my family, yet had my best interest in mind was HUGE! She was able to remain calm when they needed the extra help and she knew how to touch, maneuver, and direct them to help me best. I ended up having a c-section which was my last option and not desired. She stayed all the way through and prayed with us as we deliberated the decision.

My Big Baby Boy came that night just before midnight, almost 24 hours of labor later, and he was a whopping 10 1/2 lb!


Since the birth, she has been so great to check in on me, answer questions, and offer support in any area I need. Even when I felt like I was doing something wrong or needing help, she was encouraging and uplifting that I was doing exactly what I should be doing. She continues to help and find small ways to encourage me and my boy as he grows.


Before talking with Danielle I was not very familiar with all that a Doula could do, and although this was likely our only birth, if I were to do it again, she would be the first person I would have there! If you're considering having a Doula be with you for your birth, no matter the type of birth, you should consider having Danielle Anthony there by your side. You'll be glad you did, even if things go unexpectedly that day, she will be your constant and steady through the whole thing.


Jennifer Sanjines