Why Choose a Doula?

Birth Doula's help in assisting you during your labor and birth, as well as moderate breast feeding

help after the birth of the baby. Doula's take care of women's emotional and physical needs.


A doula does not take the place of the partner, she takes the stress away from them.


Doula's know the parents birth plan and understands their fears. She helps provide coping mechanisms, and comfort measures for the woman in labor. A doula gives the partner ways to help facilitate the partner with getting through the contractions. Doulas increase the intimacy of couples because they can help assist the partner in how to help alleviate pain non-medicinal ways. Doulas can take over when the partner just wants to hold the woman's hand or needs a break. I will make him/her as much a part of your experience as possible. Births are meant to be beautiful and intimate experiences, and that's what I am here to help create. Doulas and partners come together during labor and birth, to help support the mother better.


Doula's do not have to change shifts like nurses need to in hospitals, doula's give continuous support however long that may be. They do not take the place of a nurse, therefore doulas do nothing clinical, or medicinal. Doulas do not speak directly to the health care providers, but gives information to the client, then the client or partner can relay their thoughts to the health care professionals.


Benefits of Doula Support.

25% Shorter Labor

50% Reduction in Cesarean Rate

60% Reduction in Epidural Request

40% Reduction in Analgesia Use

40% Reduction in Forceps Delivery

(as recorded in Mothering the Mother by Klaus, Kennel, & Klaus)


What Does a Doula Do?

• Supports the Birth YOU Want

• Offers Physical and Emotional Support

• Can Help You Deal With the Unexpected

• Can Be a Huge Support for Dad

• Might Decrease the Length of Your Labor

• Can Help You Have an Unmedicated Birth


A Birth Doula Can:

• Help reduce negative feelings about one's childbirth experience

• Help reduce the need for pitocin (a labor-inducing drug), forceps or vacuum extraction and cesareans

• Help reduce the mother's request for pain medication and/or epidurals

• Help families experience shorter labors with fewer complications

• Help facilitate initial breastfeeding

• and So Much More!